The two shamans and the owner of the cattle : alterity, storytelling and shamanism amongst the Angaité of the Paraguayan Chaco <Thesis>

Document title: The two shamans and the owner of the cattle : alterity, storytelling and shamanism amongst the Angaité of the Paraguayan Chaco <Thesis>
Journal: Suplemento antropológico
Database: CLASE
System number: 000327335
ISSN: 0378-9896
Season: Dic
Volumen: 44
Number: 2
Pages: 7-386
Country: Paraguay
Language: Inglés
Document type: Artículo
Approach: Analítico, descriptivo
English abstract My thesis examines from an ethnographic account how history has been made, told and interpreted by the Angaité people of the Chaco since the Paraguayan nation-state effectively carried out the colonization of this territory in the 19th century until the present day. The key elements of this account are the Angaité’s notions and practices on alterity, storytelling and shamanism and how they interplay with one another. I explore the notions of alterity and its counterpart similarity in the context of multiple material transactions in which the Angaité engage both among themselves and with outsiders. I also examine the inseparable socio-moral evaluations attached to such transactions. I show how certain transactions such as exchange or commoditisation do not necessarily conflict with good social relations. Nevertheless, the closest relationships – preferably evoked in kinship terms - are constantly constructed by the combination of several practices including sharing, pooling, cohabitation and companionship and the relational morality that underpins them. This relational morality, I argue, is both inscribed and enacted through the telling of Nanek Any’a narratives –“Old news/events”. I analyze some of these narratives in order to show how the Angaité people interpret the consequences of the colonization of the Chaco. For this I provide an intelligible context for the Nanek Any’a that may otherwise appear contradictory or incomprehensible to a non-Angaité listener. The Angaité’s versions of history compared to the official accounts challenge the simplistic of the Angaité as “acculturated” and a homogenous indigenous people and situate them as main actors of their own lives
Disciplines: Antropología
Keyword: Etnología y antropología social,
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