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Journal country 008e X
ISSN 022a
DOI 024a
System number (1) 035a X
Date of entry 036a X
Link 039a
Language 041a X Language
Personal author: Name 100a X
Personal author: Reference 100z
Personal author: E-mail 1006
Personal author: Institution 110a X
Corporate author: Unit 110b
Personal author: Country 110c Geographical names
Author affiliation: Reference 120z X
Author affiliation: Institution 120u
Author affiliation: Unit 120v
Author affiliation: City and state 120w
Author affiliation: Country 120x Geographical names
Journal 222a X
Document type 245a X
Journal year 260c X
Bibliographic description (2): Volumen 300a X
Bibliographic description: Number 300b
Bibliographic description: Month 300c
Bibliographic description: Part 300d
Bibliographic description: Pagination 300e
References 504a
Abstract 520 X
Abstract: Spanish 520a
Abstract: Portuguese 520p
Abstract: English 520i
Abstract: Other abstract 520o
Abstract language 546a
Document type 590a X Document type
Document type: Approach 590b X Approach
Disciplines 650a X X Disciplines
Keyword 653a X X Subdisciplines / Geographical names
Keyword 654a X X Subdisciplines / Geographical names
Full text 856u X
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