Logical disputes and the a priori

Document title: Logical disputes and the a priori
Journal: Principios (Natal)
Database: CLASE
System number: 000439684
ISSN: 1983-2109
Authors: 1
Institutions: 1City University of New York, Nueva York. Estados Unidos de América
Season: Ene-Abr
Volumen: 23
Number: 40
Pages: 29-57
Country: Brasil
Language: Inglés
Document type: Artículo
Approach: Analítico, teórico
English abstract In this paper, I propose a general model for the rational resolution of disputes about logic, and discuss a number of its features. These include its dispensing with a traditional notion of the a priori in logic, and some objections to which this might give rise
Portuguese abstract Neste artigo proponho um modelo geral para a solução racional de disputas sobre lógica e discuto algumas de suas características, que incluem a dispensa da noção tradicional de a priori em lógica, e algumas objeções que daí possam surgir
Disciplines: Filosofía
Keyword: Doctrinas y corrientes filosóficas,
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