Haptic contact with a walking dog improves human balance during a quiet tandem task with various levels of difficulty

Document title: Haptic contact with a walking dog improves human balance during a quiet tandem task with various levels of difficulty
Journal: Brazilian Journal of Motor Behavior
System number: 000443482
ISSN: 2446-4902
Authors: 1
Institutions: 1Universidade Estadual Paulista "Julio de Mesquita Filho", Departamento de Educacao Fisica, Rio Claro, Sao Paulo. Brasil
2Universidade de Sao Paulo, Escola de Educacao Fisica e Esporte de Ribeirao Preto, Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo. Brasil
Volumen: 15
Number: 3
Pages: 237-249
Country: Brasil
Language: Inglés
Document type: Artículo
Approach: Analítico, descriptivo
English abstract When a person walks a dog, information from variables of their own postural control is integrated with haptic information from the dog’s movements (e.g., direction, speed of movement, pulling forces).AIM: We examined how haptic information provided through contact with a moving endpoint (here, the leash of a dog walking on a treadmill) influenced an individual’s postural control during a quiet tandem standing task with and without restricted vision and under various elevations of the support surface (increased task difficulty levels).METHOD: Adults performed a 30-second quiet tandem stance task on a force platform while holding a leash attached to a dog who walked on a treadmill parallel to the force platform. Conditions included: haptic contact (dog and no-dog), vision constraint (eyes open, EO, and eyes closed, EC), and surfaces (4 heights).RESULTS: Interaction between haptic condition and vision showed that contact with the dog leash reduced root mean square (RMS) and mean sway speed (MSS). RMS showed that the highest surface had the greatest rate of sway reduction during haptic contact with EC, and an increase with EO.CONCLUSION: The dog’s movements were used as a haptic reference to aid balance when eyes were closed. In this condition, contact with the dog’s leash reduced the extent of sway variability on the higher surfaces
Disciplines: Medicina
Keyword: Ortopedia,
Control postural,
Contacto háptico,
Keyword: Orthopedica,
Haptic contact,
Postural control,
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