Fertilización in vitro con transferencia de embriones (FIV-TE)

Document title: Fertilización in vitro con transferencia de embriones (FIV-TE)
Journal: Dolor, clínica y terapia
System number: 000320798
ISSN: 1665-3238
Authors: 1
Institutions: 1Centro Especializado para la Atención de la Mujer, Unidad de Reproducción Asistida, México, Distrito Federal. México
Volumen: 6
Number: 1
Pages: 4-7
Country: México
Language: Español
Document type: Artículo
Approach: Analítico, descriptivo
English abstract This attended reproduction technique is suitable one patients with irreversible tubes factor or severe masculine factor, in which it is impossible to achieve the fertilization without this method. Starting from the fertilization in vitro description the daily use of high complexity techniques started. Formerly the real ends of the fertilization in vitro were guided to the cattle industry, however with the time it was applied in humans, in women with irreversible tubes factor, at almost 30 years of the first descriptions of the technique, the indications for their application have modified and at the present time it is used in couples with endocrine, ovarian, masculine problems, and even in the inexplicable infertility
Disciplines: Biología,
Keyword: Reproducción y desarrollo,
Ginecología y obstetricia,
Técnicas de reproducción asistida,
Transferencia de embriones,
Fertilización in vitro
Keyword: Biology,
Reproduction and development,
Gynecology and obstetrics,
Assisted reproduction techniques,
Embryo transfer,
In vitro fertilization
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