Simulation tools for mobile ad hoc networks: a survey

Título del documento: Simulation tools for mobile ad hoc networks: a survey
Revista: Journal of applied research and technology
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ISSN: 1665-6423
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Instituciones: 1Government College of Engineering, Department of ECE, Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu. India
Periodo: Oct
Volumen: 16
Número: 5
País: México
Idioma: Inglés
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Resumen en inglés Simulation tools are essential for validating any research idea before it is being implemented. This is very essential for all the researchers irrespective of the field of research. Simulators provide a way for analysing the design. There are many simulation tools available for the network researchers. Network Simulators are used to test the performance of existing or new algorithms and protocols.Some of the simulation tools in networking include OPNET (optimized Network Engineering Tool), NS-2 (Network Simulator version 2), OMNET++ (Objective Modular NETwork Testbed in C++), GloMoSim (Global Mobile Information System Simulator), QualNet, NetSim (Network Simulator), JiST/SWANS (Java in Simulation Time/ Scalable Wireless Network Simulator), J-Sim (Java-based simulation) and NS-3 (Network Simulator Version 3). Simulation tools may be open source or commercial. In this paper, both the open source and commercial simulators are discussed. This survey reveals that for simulating large networks, simulators like OPNET, GloMoSim, QualNet, NetSim, JiST/SWANs and NS-3 can be used. For small network simulation NS-2 and J-Sim can be preferred. Open source simulators are poor in documentation. Commercial simulators have good documentation. Based on the requirements of the research, a proper simulation tool can be selected
Disciplinas: Ciencias de la computación
Palabras clave: Redes,
Herramientas de simulación,
Redes móviles
Keyword: Networks,
Simulation tools,
Mobile networks
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