Psychological well-being and health perception: predictors for past, present and future

Título del documento: Psychological well-being and health perception: predictors for past, present and future
Revista: Archives of clinical psychiatry
Base de datos: PERIÓDICA
Número de sistema: 000429028
Autores: 1
Instituciones: 1Universidade Europeia, Lisboa. Portugal
2Universidade Lusofona do Porto, Faculdade de Psicologia, Educacao e Desporto, Porto. Portugal
3Instituto Universitario, Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada, Lisboa. Portugal
Periodo: May-Jun
Volumen: 46
Número: 3
Paginación: 53-60
País: Brasil
Idioma: Inglés
Tipo de documento: Artículo
Enfoque: Analítico, descriptivo
Resumen en inglés Increasing evidence supports an association between psychological well-being and overall health, however, much remains to be understood about this association. The current study addresses this issue by presenting a new perspective focusing on health perceptions. Additionally, it examines the impact of each of six dimensions of psychological well-being on health perception. Methods Data for this study were collected from a sample of 1,155 Portuguese adults in various settings. Findings reveal that psychological well-being dimensions' impact differently on prior, current, and health outlookperceptions. Furthermore, the dimension depressed mood influences current health perception; in turn, current health perception is the strongest predictor for psychological well-being. Our results provide support for a bidirectional relationship between health perception and psychological well-being
Disciplinas: Medicina,
Palabras clave: Psicología social,
Salud pública,
Bienestar psicológico,
Percepcion de salud
Keyword: Social psychology,
Public health,
Psychological well being,
Health perception
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