Subject and network: potential and political limits of the (un)making of bodies online

Título del documento: Subject and network: potential and political limits of the (un)making of bodies online
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Instituciones: 1Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla. España
Periodo: Ene-Jun
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Resumen en inglés This essay concerns subjective construction on the Internet, the potential and limitations for the deconstruction of the social meanings of the body (there where, interfaced and displaced by the machine, it is made, but factitiously). Potentials and limits also for the ideation of camouflaged forms of repetition and symbolic repression present new technological scenarios. In this text, screens, as the material node of cyberspace, dress us and carry a new complexity in the identity and subjective constitution, to which are added the different spaces of the online relationship (such as social networks) which territorialize the Internet today; spaces that we think condition the presentation and representation of the “I” in its relationship with others and the constitution of desire and possible collectivities. The starting point will be the body as a symbolic construction, with its ways of seeing, its identity and social filters and its subjective pretensions; but also the subject from a materialist position that emphasizes the technologically located and amplified body, conditioned by the biopolitical design of the most common electronic devices of recent decades. From them we analyze some of the points of tension, possibilities and political conditionalities for subjective awareness and practice on the Internet
Disciplinas: Sociología
Palabras clave: Sociología de la sexualidad,
Tecnología de la información,
Construcción simbólica,
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